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JB LUND Utility Trailers

Aluminum Utility Trailers

ModelSizeAxle ConfigTireRampJackTailer WeightGVWR
1U78144-1I6’ 6" X 12′1-IST205/75R14 CSTDSTD6302740
1U78144-1E6’ 6" X 12′1-EST205/75R14 CSTDSTD6652740
1U78144-2I6’ 6" X 12′2-IST205/75R14 CSTDSTD7002990
1U78144-1E1I6’ 6" X 12′1-I, 1-EST205/75R14 CSTDSTD7302990
1U78144-2E6’ 6" X 12′2-EST205/75R14 CSTDSTD7605180
1U78168-1I6’ 6" X 14′1-IST205/75R14 CSTDSTD7602740
1U78168-1E6’ 6" X 14′1-EST205/75R14 CSTDSTD7952740
1U78168-2I6’ 6" X 14′2-IST205/75R14 CSTDSTD7602990
1U78168-1E1I6’ 6" X 14’ Aluminum Deck with Ramp1-I, 1-EST205/75R14 CSTDSTD7902990
1U78168-2E6’ 6" X 14’ Aluminum Deck with Ramp2-EST205/75R14 CSTDSTD8105180
1U78192-1E1I6’ 6" X 16’ Aluminum Deck with Ramp1-I, 1-EST205/75R14 CSTDSTD8302990
1U78192-2E6’ 6" X 16’ Aluminum Deck with Ramp2-EST205/75R14 CSTDSTD8605280
Side Racks (72″x41″ ramp included)
1U78144RACK144" Double rail side rack
1U78168RACK168" Double rail side rack
1U78192RACK192" Double rail side rack
Upgrade Options
2SPL7866RAMPBi-fold 72"X 66" - fits all 12-16 ft trailers
  • 3500 lb Torsion axle with super lube lubricant system-11 year warranty
  • Sealed DOT flush mount LED lighting
  • Safety chains and 2″ coupler
  • Side tube frame for wiring protection
  • A- frame tongue
  • Extruded Aluminum Decking
  • Rust inhibiting hardware
  • 205/75D14 radial tire with aluminum wheel
  • Integrated Tie down
  • Jack included
  • Lionshead 12 month no excuses warranty, radial tires only

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JB LUND Pontoon Trailers

The best way to haul your pontoon around.

Steel Bunk Pontoon Trailer (Torsion)

ModelTireCap (lbs)Boat LengthWidth between FendersLengthWeightIdler/Hydralic
1WBS1418-1l20.5 X 8-10 D220014′-18′78"22’ 6"4101 Idler
1WBS1418-2120.5 X 8-10 D299014′-18′78"22’ 6"5102 Idler
1WBS1418-1H1l20.5 X 8-10 D299014′-18′78"22’ 6"5351 Idler + 1-10" Drum Brake
1WBS1418-2H20.5 X 8-10 D310014′-18′78"22’ 6"5602-7" Drum Brake
1WBS1921-1l20.5 X 8-10 D220019′-21′78"24’ 6"7501 Idler
1WBS1921-2l20.5 X 8-10 D299019′-21′78"24’ 6"8502 Idler
1WBS1921-1H1lST175/80R13 C299019′-21′78"24’ 6"8751 Idler + 1-10" Drum Brake
1WBS1921-2HST175/80R13 C340019′-21′78"24’ 6"9002-10" Drum Brake
1WBS2224-2120.5 X 8-10 D299022’x24′78"27′8752 Idler
1WBS2224-1H1lST175/80R13 C299022’x24′78"27′9001 Idler + 1-10" Drum Brake
1WBS2224-2HST175/80R13 C470022’x24′78"27′9252-10" Drum Brake

Tire options available. ¬†Frames 2’x4′, width 94″, tongue 3’x4′

Steel Scissors Pontoon Trailer (Torsion)

ModelTireCap (lbs)BoatLengthWeightIdler/Hydralic
1PTS20-1l4.80 X 12 C299019′-20′288"6601 Idler
1PTS20-214.80 X 12 C299019′-20′288"7602 Idler
1PTS20-1H1l4.80 X 12 C299019′-20′288"7851 + 1-7" Drum Brake
1PTS20-2H4.80 X 12 C310019′-20′288"8102-7" Drum Brake
1PTS24-2l4.80 X 12 C299021′-24′336"8752 Idler
1PTS24-1H1l4.80 X 12 C299021′-24′336"9001 + 1-7" Drum Brake
1PTS24-2H4.80 X 12 C320021′-24′336"9252-7" Drum Brake
Upgrade Options
1WBSBUNK88’ Tri-Pontoon Kit
  • Torsion axles for a smoother and stable towing
  • Powder paint for superior finish on steel trailers
  • Safety chains and 2″ coupler for secure towing
  • Fully grounded water proof lighting and trouble free travel
  • EZ lube grease system for ease of maintenance
  • Tongue jack standard on all model for ease of use
  • Running gear adjustable for proper trailer and vehicle weight to ensure safe travel
  • Carpeted bunks on bunk style trailer

Tire options available. Frames 2’x4′, width 44″, tongue 3’x4′